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What is in the Senate’s Infrastructure Bill?

Great info from KP test
(What is in the Senate’s Infrastructure Bill?)

The United States Senate is expected to pass a $1 Trillion infrastructure bill this week. Among many other initiatives, here’s what’s in the bill: $110 billion for roads and bridges $73 billion to modernize the nation’s energy grid $66 billion for rail and Amtrak $65 billion for broadband expansion  $55 billion to improve the country’s drinking water  $39 billion for transit Finally, money well-spent. I’m sure there are little items that Senators snuck in the bill that make absolutely no sense, but covering these six items is a really big deal. I look forward to following the money trail to understand the upgrades in more detail. Many thanks to our friends at Morning Brew for the deets. Here’s a link to the full article on morningbrew.com. Anyone can reach out to me and get my help. DM me at @keithparnell Keith is an accomplished keynote speaker, educator, and business consultant. His blog, KP Talks, at keithparnell.com is praised as one of the top marketing and technology blogs in the industry.What is in the Senate’s Infrastructure Bill? appeared first at Keith Parnell.