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Weekly Specials @ Craft, 31 Jan – 03 Feb

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(Weekly Specials @ Craft, 31 Jan – 03 Feb)

This week’s dynamite specials run Wednesday through Saturday (31 Jan – 03 Feb). Stop by and let us know what you think. French Onion Burger – caramelized French spiced onions, Brie cheese, lettuce, tomato with steak house mayo Kielbasa & Crab Chowder – served with warm Smithfield ham biscuits Braised Lamb & Kielbasa Cassoulet – northern beans, warm veal in an tomato broth Crab Rockefeller Burger – bacon, spinach, Parmesan cheese with lump crab smothered in Swiss cheese KPDMT The post Weekly Specials @ Craft, 31 Jan – 03 Feb appeared first on Craft On Colley.