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Technology is our future, geolocation this time

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(Technology is our future, geolocation this time)

Technology is our future, no matter your industry. Even the most non-tech segments can, and should, find a way that technology can make them more efficient. Here are a few statistics showing the growth of technologies and how smart use of geolocation services can affect us: By the end of 2021, location-specific advertising will account for 45% of all mobile ad spending. Spending on geotargeting was expected to hit $26 billion in 2019. 80% of consumers want location-based alerts from companies in the future. 85% of companies plan to use location data within the next 12 months to personalize the customer experience. At the end of 2020, 94% of companies used location data, an increase of 84% from 2019. Technology is our future, geolocation this time appeared first at Keith Parnell.