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Restaurant Marketing Ideas with Revenue In-mind

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(Restaurant Marketing Ideas with Revenue In-mind)

Every successful restaurant has one common thread — a solid marketing plan. Even if your food is out-of-this-world, it can’t stand alone without help to get the word in front of people. Let’s talk about a few efforts to help you stand out in this crazy competitive market. Your Google presence must be solid. Over 90% of diners use search engines to find restaurants. If you haven’t already, establish your Google My Business page and fill it with SEO gold. The perfect mix of customer friendly and search engine optimization friendly copy & photos are imperative. This should be your top priority. Blog on your website. This one is priority 1b. Keeping your website active with new content is the way Google knows you’re alive and in business. Content marketing is crucial for any success at all with Google. Don’t overlook email newsletters. Email is very easy to forget about. A well planned email marketing campaign can be much more effective than any Facebook activities you can perform. Dump your specials in your customers’ inboxes as often as they’ll let you. This is the perfect way to keep your brand in front of their eyeballs. Share customer photos. Your current customers are your greatest asset. When they snap a selfie or a food photo in your establishment, share it on your page for everyone to see. People like to see themselves in lights, so not only will you make a friend with that customer, you’ll show value to other customers and they’ll do the same thing. Team with other local businesses. If you’re a brewery, invite food trucks to use your parking lot as a road stop in trade for getting the word out to their customers. If you’re a restaurant, invite a jazz quartet to entertain your guests in trade for getting the word out to their followers. If you’re a coffee café, invite artists to show their art in trade for getting the word out to their fans. Be creative. Make friends in the community. #supportlocal Don’t think quality photography doesn’t matter. People will stop and look in the middle of their scroll when a drool-worthy photo of your lasagna hits their Instagram screen. Even if you’re using a smartphone to take photos, make sure you do a little research on taking great photos. And don’t forget to hashtag your photos. #KPTalks The list of ideas for restaurant marketing is endless. Let’s talk about prioritizing your efforts to gain the most from your marketing. You can do this; let’s just make sure you’re on the right path. Anyone can reach out to me and get my help. DM me at @keithparnell Keith is an accomplished keynote speaker, educator, and business consultant. His blog, KP Talks, at keithparnell.com is praised as one of the top marketing and technology blogs in the industry. Restaurant Marketing Ideas with Revenue In-mind appeared first at Keith Parnell.