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How to drive repeat customer visits

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(How to drive repeat customer visits)

Increase repeat customer visits. Generate customer loyalty. Grow a dominating local brand. All these efforts help us achieve one big goal — a positive impact on our restaurant’s bottom line. Let’s tackle how to drive repeat customer visits (1 of 3 in the series) Offer food specials no one else is promoting. Find that one dish that people talk about a lot on insta but doesn’t sell well according to your POS. There’s a reason it’s not so popular in the revenue stream, yet it’s dominating the social hashtags and photos. Let’s find out why. Step up your customer support game. Customers love being catered to. Customers love when wait staff is adorable. Customers love when you pay attention to them. When customers “love” their experience, two things happen: 1) customers tip well; and 2) we see repeat customer visits. Pay attention to your POS. I mean, pay deep attention to your POS and the items that are selling, and not selling. Adjust your menu accordingly. Don’t stress your kitchen team by forcing them to prepare that one dreadful dish that takes forever to prep and plate, and doesn’t push the needle on the profit margin scale. Drop it and move forward serving your customers quicker and more efficient. Loyal customers are our favs because we can count on them. Find out what your customers like by asking them (surveys and reviews). Find out what your customers like by researching the sales numbers. Find out what your customers like by watching them (on insta). I know all this sounds simple and obvious, but most restaurant owners just don’t bother paying attention. They’d rather guess, and fail. Let’s beat out your competition by driving more repeat customer visits.Read more at keithparnell dot com