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Have you tried our Pimento Chz Burger?

Great info from CraftOnColley.com
(Have you tried our Pimento Chz Burger?)

The Craft Pimento Chz Burger is topped with pimento cheese, bacon jam, tomato, and onion, and also served with fries. Be sure to stop in this week for this one-of-a-kind delicious burger, only at Craft. Other amazing burgers on our menu are the Craft Burger, Royale with Cheese, K-Pop, French Connection, Fire Starter, Little Italy, Mac Daddy, Black & Blue, Maui Wowi, Chop House, Chicken Sammy, and Ahi Tuna Sammy. Each burger is served with your choice of Hereford Beef, Wagyu Beef, or Black Bean. Which is your favorite? The post Have you tried our Pimento Chz Burger? appeared first on Craft On Colley.