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Do you understand your customer? Really understand them?

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(Do you understand your customer? Really understand them?)

Understanding the psyche, the dreams, the wants and needs of your target audience is king today — Psychographics! No longer should generic, space-filled demographic data sets guide your marketing activities. There’s a difference between identifying your target audience and understanding them. In order to touch their souls, you must first know how your customer thinks, what they like and do not like, how they react to specific conversations, and how they spend their money. And as if identifying them wasn’t enough, you must also understand your customers’ dreams — how they want to think, what they want to like and not like, how they want to react to specific conversations, and how they want to spend their money. Psychographic research (versus demographic research) is a much more in-depth market intelligence step in today’s marketing evolution. If you don’t get into the hearts-and-minds of your customer, you won’t succeed in providing them with what they want. Let’s talk to make sure you’re on the same track as your customer. * photo courtesy of Steshka Willems @ Pexels Anyone can reach out to me and get my help. DM me at @keithparnell Keith is an accomplished keynote speaker, visionary, and marketing & tech innovator. His blog, KP Talks, at keithparnell.com is praised as one of the top marketing and technology blogs in the industry. Read more at keithparnell dot com