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Ways to grow your Restaurant on Instagram

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(Ways to grow your Restaurant on Instagram)

Are you looking for ways to grow your restaurant on Instagram? Here’s your daily list to get you started. Like 10 posts in your Instagram feed Just like dating, do your thing with the people you love. Find 10 posts in your feed that you find attractive and ‘like’ them. Spread the love. Comment on 5-10 friends’ Instagram posts Post mouthwatering comments on your friends’ photos, posts, vids. Be funny. Be serious. Be quirky. It’s all good. Just be … Follow Related Hashtags on Instagram Find your groove. Certainly there a billion hashtags on IG that relate to your restaurant, bar, café, or brewery. Subscribe to them and check in on the conversations. Interact with 5-10 Hashtags on Instagram Yea. Do it. People like to see their buds in the industry are viewing their content. Like them. Comment on them. Be a bud in the restaurant community. The ‘niceness’ will come back to you ten-fold. Are you looking for more resources to help your restaurant succeed? Join the Social On The Fly Community today to set your restaurant on the right track. Ways to grow your Restaurant on Instagram appeared first on Social On The Fly