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Vegan Pizzas @ Cogans

Great info from Cogans Pizza North (Vegan Pizzas @ Cogans)
Vegan Yorker PIzza

Have you seen our new vegan menu? Holy cow. Check it out @ COGANSPIZZA.COM. Our vegan pies are spot on!

16″ Vegan Pizzas start at 15.99 Vegan Artisan Pizzas start at 9.99. You may substitute 12″ Cauliflower Pizza Crust (non-GMO, egg-free, gluten-free) made with real cauliflower for the same price as a 16″ pizza. Add faux: pepperoni, bacon, beef crumbles, spicy sausage, chicken strips, sausage crumbles: Artisan 2.59; 16″ Pizza 3.99

16″ Pizza or 12″ Cauliflower / Artisan Pizza

VEGAN YORKER is homemade marinara with extra faux pepperoni and extra Daiya mozzarella 17.99/11.59

VEGAN ZILLA is homemade marinara, faux spicy sausage, faux beef, faux pepperoni, faux bacon, and extra Daiya mozzarella 21.99/13.59

VEGAN BOOTY is faux pepperoni, faux spicy sausage, faux bacon, green peppers, red onions, black olives, mushrooms, extra marinara, and extra Daiya mozzarella – ARGH! 22.99/14.59

FAUX ISLAND is BBQ Sauce, faux chicken, faux bacon, pineapple, red onion, and Daiya mozzarella 18.99/12.59