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Another excuse for a tasty beverage: National Rum Day

Another excuse for a tasty beverage: National Rum Day

Let’s enjoy National Rum Day together. Do you have a favorite rum cocktail?

In the 17th century, hard-working slaves on Caribbean sugarcane plantations were the first to discover rum. They detected molasses as a byproduct of leftover sugar that transformed into alcohol after refining and fermenting. Eventually, distilleries caught on — turning rum production into a major global business. The Royal British Navy, as well as rogues and pirates, drank rum by the gallon. On National Rum Day, mix up a batch of your favorite rum-based cocktails, sing a sea shanty or two and crush the party! source: nationaltoday.com

Stop in to enjoy the day in Cogans Park* or give us a quick call at 757-627-6428 for takeout or hit us online at COGANSPIZZA.COMĀ for food delivery. We’ll have your hot deliciousness ready for you.

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*Please observe appropriate social distancing in accordance with Virginia Reopening Guidelines.

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