You build it smart guy!

You build it smart guy!

Cogans You Build It Smart GuyEveryone’s tastes are different. But when you can walk into your favorite pizza joint and create your own pie, all of a sudden life got really, really good.

You Build It Smart Guy! is the perfect choice for your clan. Pick double-slices, 16″ pies, or even artisan pizzas with any or all of your favorite sauces, cheeses, and toppings (yes, vegan toppings too!).

In case you’re wondering while your mouth is watering, that’s a cheese+pineapple artisan pie staring at you. Yum!!

Stop in to enjoy the day on the best patio in Ghent* or give us a quick call at 757-627-6428 for takeout or hit us online at COGANSPIZZA.COM¬†for food delivery. We’ll have your hot deliciousness ready for you.

For Spaceman Strength & Endurance, Eat at Cogans!


*Please observe appropriate social distancing in accordance with Virginia Reopening Guidelines.

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