cheese pizza

Personal Pie Mondays

Great info from Cogans Pizza Ghent (Personal Pie Mondays) Mondays suck. That is all. But to help out a little bit, we’re making your Cogans Cheese or Pepperoni Personal Pies for 5 bucks* (after 4pm). Delicious! Stop in…

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$5 Personal Pie Monday

Great info from Cogans Pizza Ghent ( Personal Pie Monday) It’s Monday. We know they’re not fun. Long Mondays after a great weekend are made for pizza. So to help brighten your day, we’re serving up personal-size pies…

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National Cheese Pizza Day

Great info from Cogans Pizza North (National Cheese Pizza Day) Today is National Cheese Pizza Day, like you need another reason to grab a Cogans pie. Stop in today and enjoy a delicious pizza with your brew, or…

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