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5 common content marketing mistakes to avoid

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(5 common content marketing mistakes to avoid)

We all know by now that content marketing is very important to the overall success of our web presence. And knowing the mobile numbers for customers these days, we definitely know how important our website/blog is to the success of our restaurant. So while you’re creating your marketing content (blog articles, social links, video, infographics, etc.), keep these points in mind for mistakes to avoid. Your customer is most important. Your customer is your audience, and they are your priority. Any time a decision comes down to “does the boss like it or would our customer like it,” the customer always wins. Sorry boss. Your speaking points and topics should come from audience questions. Know what your audience’s interests are. Are they asking you about your restaurant’s specials this week? Providing answers to their questions will give you the highest ROI on your content marketing efforts. Don’t let bad SEO habits sneak into your content marketing. Example: keyword stuffing should not be used. Yes, have your keyword list handy. Yes, use your keywords in the content you produce. But over stuffing keywords into an article rendering it almost unreadable, is just as bad of a no-no as it was with old school SEO. Produce your content locally and then push it out to other communities. Always produce your content on your website/blog where you can totally control the message. Then, based on the particular topic, push it out to other places your audience lives. Example: advertise your restaurant’s daily specials on your website. You want mobile searchers and desktop readers to find this information on your home base. And then if you have a large audience on Facebook, push out the links to the information there. Give them the info, but get them used to your website being the master. Don’t forget video. Video is so very powerful these days. People love watching video. From a 30-second iPhone recorded spot to a professionally choreographed and produced session, all video types should be part of your content marketing mix. What’s next for your content marketing? If you need help going forward or are just looking for more quality content marketing tips, reach out. We’d love to hear more about your business. 5 common content marketing mistakes to avoid appeared first on Social On The Fly