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Whiskey Wednesday: Rabbit Hole Dareringer

Featured this Whiskey Wednesday is Daring Sherry with Rabbit Hole Dareringer Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Stop by for Whiskey Wednesday to be impressed by our teams’ cocktails skillz! A Bourbon rep will be at Hank’s between 4:30-6:30pm.

Whiskey: Rabbit Hole Dareringer Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Hank’s Cocktail: Daring Sherry (Old Fashioned w/chocolate bitters)

Dareringer is a straight bourbon that is aged in new toasted and charred oak barrels and then finished in Casknolia Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks. Batches are relatively small at no more than 15 barrels, however batch numbers are not provided on each bottle. While PX Sherry Cask finished bourbons can be over-the-top, Rabbit Hole manages to deliver a well-balanced experience that’s quite delicious. Dareringer is full of sweet fruit notes, but manages to hold to its bourbon base with flavors of caramel and oak weaving in and out. Moreover, it’s surprisingly full-flavored for the proof which will appeal to a wide audience as it doesn’t taste high proof, but offers a rich character. If you’re a fan of PX Sherry Cask finished bourbons, Dareringer is definitely worth checking out.

Marmalade | Dried fruit | Cherry | Raspberry | Full & inviting

Burst of fruit | Cherry | Raspberry | Light oak | Sherry | Caramel | Sweet | Gratifying mouthfeel

Gradually increasing spice throughout | Wet oak | Cherry | Red grape | Light raisin | Medium-length turning dry towards the end

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