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Pit Beef, smoked meat only the best will tackle

When someone says, that’s where the Pit Beef Master does his thing, that means something. Hell, that means a lot!

BBQ Master, yea, that’s good.
Brisket Master, yea, that’s good too.
Pastrami Master, yea, that’s also good.

Pit Beef Master? Yea, that’s a big freakin’ deal.

Come on down and check out Hank’s backyard smokers bellowing deliciousness into the neighborhoods while creating the masterpiece that smoked meat connoisseurs call Pit Beef.

Stop in to enjoy the day in our backyard or hit us online at HANKSONTHEGO.COM for takeout and delivery. We’ll have your hot deliciousness ready for you.

Your Backyard Beer & Bourbon spot with the best Smoked Meats in town!

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