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SUN: 11AM-10PM. TUE-THU: 11AM-10PM. FRI-SAT: 11AM-12AM.
SUN: 11AM-10PM. TUE-THU: 11AM-10PM. FRI-SAT: 11AM-12AM.
Loaded Tots or Totchos? Which is your fav?

Did you know that today is National French Fries Day? We don’t exactly have french fries, but do celebrate the potato with our world-famous Loaded Tots (with beer cheese, bacon crumbles, and green onion)! We also have one of our more popular dishes, Totchos (crispy air-fried tots with Hank’s BBQ sauce, beer cheese, pickled jalapenos, and onions; add pulled pork, smoked chicken, or vegan jackfruit if you’d like), that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Stop by today and let’s celebrate these perfectly delicious concoctions.

*National French Fry Day on July 13 is a great opportunity to take the time to sample some golden-brown potato slices. But did you know that the origin of French fries is more than likely not French at all? Potatoes were being fried in Belgium way before the French, but more on that later. When it comes to the tastiest French fries on the planet, everyone seems to have an opinion. It’s a time-consuming decision to find your favorite because no two restaurants seem to have the same recipe. French fries do have a nutritional stigma attached to them, however, due to high-caloric and fat content. But it’s tough to say no to a hot batch – even the ones at the bottom of the bag. source:

Stop in to enjoy the day in our backyard or give us a quick call at 757-351-3941 for takeout or hit us online at HANKSONTHEGO.COM for food delivery. We’ll have your hot deliciousness ready for you.

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