North Colley

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SUN: 11AM-10PM. TUE-THU: 11AM-10PM. FRI-SAT: 11AM-12AM.
December Upcoming Events @ Hank’s

December is a big month at Hank’s with Santa Paws for our puppy friends, Samichlaus Bier Tapping, Fun Time Trivia, Backyard Football, Music Bingo, and Live Music.

The cool weather is here which means the firepits are at your service. Grab yourself a Hot Toddy or a Bourbon and let’s enjoy the fresh Fall air.

Mon-Fri: Happy Hour, 3-7pm
Wednesdays: Fun Time Trivia, 7pm
Thursdays: Backyard NFL Football, 8pm
Saturdays: Crazy DJ Music Bingo, 4:30pm
Sunday, 11th: Santa Paws, 1pm
Sunday, 11th: Samichlaus Bier Tapping, 12pm

Your Backyard Beer & Bourbon spot with the best Smoked Meats in town!

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