North Colley

Colley Avenue Summer Concert Series opens with Bennett Walker Wales & Paper Aliens

On Saturday, May 7th, Bennett Walker Wales and Paper Aliens will open the Colley Avenue Summer Concert Series filling North Colley with harmonious vibrations to enjoy with your favorite craft beers, bourbons, orange crushes, and smoked meats from Hank’s. We’ll also have delicious Cogans pies at the ready. The live tunes start at 5pm. Join us early for the pre-party.

* May 7: Bennett Walker Wales, 5pm; Paper Aliens, 7pm
* June 4: Eric Dunlow, 5pm; Runnin’ Shine, 7pm
* July 2: Joe Heilman, 5pm; BigForestFire Solo, 6:45pm; Bennett Walker Wales, 8:45pm
* August 6: Jan and Zane, 5pm; Snackbar Jones, 7pm


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