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Many have asked us where the name Hanks Filling Station originated. This is the story of local racing and car enthusiast James “Hank” Hankins who inspired the name and concept behind Hank’s Filling Station. >> read more on Hank >>

Hank was born
Paint & body shop opened
Racer to manager
Hall of Fame!
Hank's reopened
James Hankins was born in Darlington, SC
Hank opened a successful auto paint and body repair shop in Norfolk which was his first foray into building and driving race cars and eventually drag racing.
Hank stopped racing and began managing race tracks in Suffolk, Hampton and Virginia Beach.
East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame respectfully inducted James “Hank” Hankins to its ranks.
Hank’s Filling Station, which inhabits the same location as the original Hank’s Curb Service Store, opens.

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Super Bowl Pre-orders @ Hank’s

Get your Super Bowl Pre-orders in now! Call us @ 757-351-3941 Wings & Knots Family Pack for $54.95 30 wings (smoked, burn out, bourbon bbq) 12 pretzel knots with cheese growler fill Wings (smoked, burn out, bourbon bbq) 25 for $29.99 50 for...

Let’s call today … BBQ day πŸ˜‹

Let’s call today … BBQ day πŸ˜‹

Looking for something special for the family today? Our Hank’s BBQ Family Pack is available for takeout every day, all day for $24.95 — 1 quart of smoked pulled pork, 6 buns, Hank’s Trader Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce, cole slaw...

We’re celebrating National Hot Dog day!

We’re celebrating National Hot Dog day!

Stop by today and let’s throw down on some dogs in celebration of National Hot Dog Day. We have dogs All The Way with mustard, onions, and chili; Pastrami Dog with sliced pastrami and caramelized onions; and Chili Cheese Dog with chili and...

The story of Hank’s

The story of Hank’s

Do you know the history of the name, Hank? Not us, Hank’s Filling Station … well, it is … but, do you know where the name Hank’s came from? Sit back a minute and let us tell you a story. Many have asked us where the name...